Access Control

No Keys. No Cards. No Worries.

Experience the lifestyle of never having to search for your keys again

No keys. No cards. No Worries

Access Control systems offer convenience, safety and security.

Imagine having the convenience of being able to open your home without the use of a key by either an access code, proximity fob or even your smart phone. Feel confident providing a proximity fob or access code to friends, a cleaner or a gardener knowing you can discontinue their access at any time you require. We offer basic standalone systems suitable for single doors through to multi door systems with app control.

Convenience and Safety

  • No need to search for keys inside the house, or in your handbag.
  • No stress – never be locked out of your house again.
  • Easily create codes – most systems hold multiple codes for family, friends or visitors
  • Easy to change, add or remove codes.
  • No keys kept under the mat or hidden around the house.
  • Leave the house without keys – go walking, exercising or a night out

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