SECURITY Alarm Monitoring Services

Advanced Living Solutions has been providing monitoring services for alarm systems for over 10 years. This service entails a professional back-to-base monitoring centre providing 24-hour surveillance to your alarm systems every action. This service is widely used in commercial applications however is also very common in homes.

Professional Monitoring

Rest assured that our monitoring company will always be thorough and prompt in reacting to your alarm systems responses. Upon set up you will be given the option to select how your activations are responded to giving you peace of mind that your premises will always be secure.

Intrusion Detectors

Intrusion detectors throughout the home will capture intruders throughout the home and send signals to the monitoring centre immediately.

Insurance Benefit

Insurance companies will offer a discount off your annual premium for having a monitored alarm system, find out from your insurance company today how much you can save!


Sleep easy knowing that your home/facility is protected with a 24-hour surveillance centre that will capture intruders before they even know they are captured!

Alarm Monitoring for Melbourne Properties

Alarm Monitoring is a must-have for businesses or offices. It provides an advanced level of peace of mind in security without having to self-monitor your properties. Trust the monitoring company to monitor all activations and only call you when they need to. You can have the alarm monitoring set up to call staff/family in an order selected and give the permission to send patrol guards or the police. The more devices set up on your alarm system, the easier the monitoring centre can determine activations to be intruders or accidental.

How Alarm Monitoring System Works

Alarm Monitoring will use a device either powered by ethernet or sim card that will communicate back to the monitoring centre, filled with people working 24-7 around the clock. It will send activation signals to them displaying how many times one of the devices has been triggered and which one it was. Upon set up the monitoring centre will request a call list, upon activation of multiple devices the monitoring centre will call their way through your list until someone advises them on what to do, if set up they may send a patrol guard if they cannot get a hold of anyone to check on the facility/premises.

Why Choose Advanced Living Solutions As Your Monitoring Provider

Protection you can trust

24 hour monitoring

Incredibly fast response

Professionals you can trust

Our operators are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year


How much does it cost for alarm monitoring?
Alarm monitoring can vary on what actions you have selected and what device you are using, please call our office for more information on what your pricing will be depending on your circumstances.
Is alarm monitoring worth it?
Alarm monitoring is absolutely worth it, especially for businesses. it provides a professional service that ensures you will not have to worry about it yourself.
Can I monitor my alarm system myself?
You certainly can through an IP module via an app on your smart phone. This does require an active data point at your alarm panel. Please enquire with us today for more information on IP modules.
Is the monitoring centre open on public holidays?
The monitoring centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will still monitor your alarm on all public holidays, including Christmas.