Advanced Living Solutions is the industry leader in installing high-quality television antennas and other products that improve watching TV in your home or office. We have supplied and installed TV antennas for over 10 years to satisfied customers, making us the number one choice for antenna installation in Victoria. Get in touch with us today to learn more about high-quality TV antennas near you.

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Advanced Living Solutions is a renowned television antenna supplier and installer in Melbourne. Our highly trained antenna technicians will install the best products for the best free to air reception.

Antenna Installation Services

Advanced Living Solutions offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. All of our technicians are experts who can help you get the best service, and guidance. After the aerial installation, we will test each component of the antenna system to ensure there are no reception problems and enhance an excellent TV signal.

Why Choose Advanced Living Solutions?

With our line of electronic lifestyle products, Advanced Living Solutions has a very strong competitive advantage. That is why we are able to offer a massive range of affordable and innovative products ideal for residential and commercial use. We deliver the best products and best results because we are passionate about what we do! Our objective is straightforward - to provide our customers with the best TV antenna solutions while delivering the best customer service.

Our qualified, licensed technicians can assist you in achieving the best possible digital TV reception possible. You can rest assured that when you purchase a TV antenna and have it installed by Advanced Living Solutions, the job will be done right. Following are the reasons why you can depend on us:

Experienced Technicians: All our technicians have undergone extensive training and are skilled at installing digital TV antennas in homes and businesses.

Outstanding Service: We take pride in the fact that we provide the best possible service to all our customers.

Strong Reputation: Advanced Living Solutions' technicians consistently have established a name for themselves and a solid reputation by consistently providing high-quality professional services. As a result, we take great pride in the superior service we provide to our customers.

Let's Install Your New Antenna System

Are you sick and tired of bad picture quality on your digital TV? If so, you may need a new antenna! You can enjoy an old-fashioned TV experience with our durable outdoor digital antennas.

Each TV aerial from Advanced Living Solutions is extendable to cover a wide range, our antennas are ideal for Melbourne's constantly changing weather because they can withstand strong winds and rain. Please click below to learn more about our services and products today!


Does a smart TV need an antenna?
To watch local free to air TV channels, you will need an antenna connection for free to air reception.
I live in an Opticomm Estate, do I need an antenna?
No you will not need an antenna if you live inside an opticomm estate, please confirm this with your builder/developer if you are unsure.
I have had bad TV reception in the past. What would cause this issue?
There could be a number of reasons TV reception could be bad. That could be anything from a faulty antenna cable connector, the TV needing re-tuning, antenna needing position adjustment or a damaged antenna. With a new antenna installed by Advanced Living Solutions, we will ensure that all the above is tested for the best reception results.