Looking for qualified Audio-Visual Systems professionals? Audio Visual Systems can revolutionise the Living experience at home or in the office. At Advanced Living Solutions, we deliver state of the art audio visual systems ranging from the most basic home TV installation, though to the most complex collaboration systems for the office, classroom, or function centre.

AV Systems We Specialise In

We are audio-visual technology consultants that specialise in deploying audio-visual technology in the home, workspace, and conference rooms. We deliver systems that are seamless, easy to use that provide the highest-quality experience with up-to-date AV technology. Our objective is to actualise a vast array of AV solutions. That includes being able to provide the easiest to use home AV systems, and workplace AV collaboration systems. Whether you want to sit on the couch at home watching your favourite TV show or host a video conference meeting with partners and clients across the world, we can assist you delivering the best solution to achieve that.

Our Audio-Visual systems and services include:

  • Technology assessments / Consultation
  • Supply & install of TV and home audio solutions
  • Domestic Outdoor AV Systems
  • Meeting Room AV / Collaboration Systems
  • AV Technology Integration
  • Digital Signage
  • Flexible/multi-purpose combined spaces
  • Video and audio distribution systems



As an award-winning firm with years of experience, Advanced Living Solutions build systems that help individuals watch and listen to content or communicate through video conferencing at the press of a button, with flawless video and sound quality.


Advanced Living Solutions bring substantial experience gained in Residential, Government, Commercial and Educational projects. It is this kind of knowledge, skill set, and experience that distinguishes us from other system integrators.


Time is money, plain and simple. That's why we deliver exceptional service on time and within our client's budgets.

Professional AV Installation Specialists

Over the years, Advanced Living Solutions has worked closely with the building industry in Australia to ensure all Audio-Visual systems and technology are installed to the highest standards and tailored to each client. Audio visual technology, when properly delivered, allows us to have better communication with the world. From simply watching the news at home, to hosting a video conference online for work, our solutions will ensure you have the best system to complete every task.

Let us use our strategic AV systems knowledge to save you operational costs and time. We offer the best solutions in the market to meet the client’s exact requirement.


What are the components of an AV system?

The audio-visual system is provided for offices, ballrooms, hotels, auditoriums, gymnasiums, classrooms, and conference rooms for persons of different sizes with different audio-visual aids needed to conduct time-efficient presentations, training, and meetings.

Audio-visual systems consist of interactive multipurpose projectors, simple projectors, display screens, smartphones, Gaming Consoles, LCD Screens, and whiteboards connected to interactive boards to work together seamlessly. In some cases, audio-visual systems are linked to the music or sound system or a section of the whole system.

What are some examples of audio visual?

Audio-visual systems, such as microforms, audio CDs, audio tapes, DVDs, and videotapes, can be hard to access and identify. Unlike journals and books, covered by normal bibliographic tools, audio-visual systems are not thoroughly covered. So, what are examples of audio material?

Includes but is not limited to language laboratory, audio cassette player, linguaphone, gramophone, tape-recorder, and radio. As for visual aids examples we have print materials, flashcards, transparency, slide projectors, textbooks, models, pictures, maps, black and whiteboard, and charts.

Other items listed as audio-visuals are three-dimensional arts, video, cartographic prints, motion pictures, prints, graphics, pictures, drawings, iconography, audiovisual, motion pictures, photographs, paintings, and pictorial nature.

What is audio-visual content?
This refers to any collection of sounds and visual pictures that aims to educate, entertain, or inform regardless of its method of delivery, initial intended use, or length.
What is audio-visual equipment?

Audio and visual electronic gadgets are what are referred to as AV equipment. These gadgets are crucial to events that involve a visual presentation as well as audio performances, for instance, announcements, speeches, and music. Different gadgets are needed for various events. Therefore, you need to find out whether your event requires a professional set of equipment, or if you just require a modest set of gadgets.

Good AV equipment leads to successful events. You can’t impress your audience and ace that presentation without effective AV equipment. Whether it’s a marketing event, or a corporate one, an adaptable audio-visual system can make your event successful as well as ensure your message reaches the audience.

Most venues already offer adequate audio-visual equipment. You should ensure that you start by inquiring about the value first. Once you have established what equipment they offer, you can remove or add equipment as per your needs. For instance, your corporate exhibition may require a specific type of display for the exhibition.

A few examples of audio-visual equipment are soundbars, LED screen cables, USBs, projectors, whiteboards, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, etc. It’s not challenging to remove or add gadgets from the typical equipment you establish that your event requires. Open communication amongst your team is required for a successful event.