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Create a Home Cinema Experience

Sit Down, Relax And Enjoy!

Advanced Living Solutions are experts at bringing the real cinema experience to your home. Our qualified cinema experts know that the ambiance of your cinema is crucial, it’s not just about the sound or the picture … it’s the whole cinematic experience.

At Advanced Living Solutions, we understand that each room is unique. That’s why we’ve got a full range of innovative, budget conscious products to create an unparalleled theatre experience. When you want to create the best sound and vision set up for your home, the Advanced Living Solutions team is here to assist.

Create a Home Cinema Experience

At Advanced Living Solutions, we make it possible to bring the movie theatre into your home with the latest innovations. No matter what your budget, we will work with you to create a customised system that will work for you.

We supply and install the top brands in the business – allowing you to transform your home entertainment experience without blowing your budget. The Advanced Living Solutions team have the expertise to assist with the design and implementation of a one of a kind home theatre system or a pre-packaged builder’s solution.

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