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Top 3 Benefits Of Keyless Entry Systems For Businesses

Workplace priorities should include access control, security, and employee privacy. Thanks to access control technologies, businesses can now physically secure offices more effectively without relying on the humble lock and key. Modern commercial buildings use electronic door locks because of their cost-effective security technology features, especially at night when over 70% of burglaries occur, according to the Australian Federal Police.

Keep reading to learn more about keyless door systems, including how they operate and their advantages your company should consider especially if it still employs conventional locks.

How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work?

Keyless entry systems work by authorising different people to unlock doors without using a physical key. Such locks use electronic devices that control remote central locking and keyless entry. You need a proximity-based credential to unlock the user-to-reader distance when using keyless entries. Keyless door entry systems require magnetic or electronic door locks, a sensor or proximity card reader, and authorised credentials for each user when the access control system approves credentials.

Before installing a keyless entry system, please make sure to consider your facility’s configuration. You’ll need a wired office to go from traditional to electronic locks. Most keyless door locking hardware is compatible with some security systems.

3 Different Types Of Keyless Entry Systems

Due to the increased demand for exceptional office building security, various keyless entry systems are available. Most commercial access control is carried out via several options ranging from biometrics to proximity key cards to mobile credentials, key fobs, or a combination of several options. Here are the three common types of keyless entries;

1). Key Cards

A key card or critical fob takes the place of a standard key in a commercial keyless entry system known as proximity key cards. Such cards are a popular option for many companies as they can also serve as ID badges. These ID cards are convenient to use, roughly the size of a credit card, and reasonably priced. However, they aren’t necessarily the safest because they were some of the first keyless credentials to be created. Businesses that want to use key cards in their commercial facility should use encrypted intelligent cards to increase security.

2). RFID Key Fobs 

RFID key fobs can open the door locks without keys, just as key cards. The fact that key fobs can be attached to a keychain and are frequently compact makes them convenient. Unlike a key card, a fob won’t carry your name or a photo of you on it, making it seem less intimate.

3). Mobile Access

Your phone serves as a key for mobile access control. Businesses quickly convert to app-based access control because it is simpler and frequently safer than traditional keyless options. The main advantage of such keyless entry is that people are less likely to forget or lose their smartphones than they would be to forget or lose a key card. Another advantage of app-based entry systems is that the user can customise the functions and features to meet their unique security requirements.

Benefits Of Keyless Entry Systems 

Keyless entry systems have a lot to offer companies looking to make their properties safer. Here are a couple of justifications for installing a keyless entry system for your company:

  • Enhanced Safety: Metal keys are simple to lose, duplicate, and just plain out-of-date regarding commercial security. A keyless door entry system requires a unique credential for each user, which means that replicating it is more challenging.
  • Access From A Distance: Cloud-managed keyless entry systems allow remote access. This function benefits businesses that need to manage multiple locations. An administrator can unlock commercial security doors using a keyless entry system from any site, letting an employee in after hours, handling a delivery, or even allowing first responders to access the property in an emergency. Also, administrators can modify schedules, permissions, and system users via remote access to the system, eliminating the need to visit the location physically.

How To Choose The Right Keyless Entry System 

If you need keypad lock access control for your home or place of business, invest in the most durable and dependable security feature. Some of the factors to consider include;

  • Low battery alert: Look for a keyless door lock system that alerts you when the battery needs to be changed, regardless of the type you select. This will prevent you from being locked out if your battery dies.
  • Integrations: Consider the integrations you’ll require. Consider whether a security system or links to alarms, cameras, video surveillance systems, or other devices are necessary for the lock.
  • Durability: If the lock is located outside, poor weather and curious individuals may cause damage to it. Verify the lock’s resistance to elements such as heat, cold, and water and whether there is a warranty against vandalism.
  • Pricing: A keyless entry system costs much more than a physical lock and key, depending on its operation and features. You must consider the pricing to ensure you don’t exceed your budget.

Final Thoughts

People with unauthorised access can easily break into businesses that use traditional key and lock systems. Fortunately, keyless systems don’t need conventional locks and keys. They can help any business owner to make real-time system adjustments. The systems can prevent access at specified periods and monitor employees’ when necessary.

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