At Advanced Living Solutions, you can get a high-quality security camera system for your home or business. Our work is guaranteed to ensure you have complete peace of mind. Learn more today about our professional CCTV system installation.

What Is A CCTV System?

CCTV systems are security surveillance systems consisting of cameras, a recording device & a screen to see your cameras. These are also commonly referred to as Security Cameras, these days security cameras are a must have in all homes & businesses.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the size of the area that needs to be covered, you can use a CCTV package with at least one camera, monitor, and recorder. The system continuously records images from the camera and transmits them to the recording device. They are then transferred to the monitor to be viewed as video footage. The best thing about a CCTV camera is that it can deter crime simply by just being there.

Types Of Security Cameras

Advanced Living Solutions only installs IP Camera systems, these are cameras installed using Cat-6 Cabling to connect the camera to the recording device. All the cameras we supply are commercial quality, and are built to last in the harshest elements. Historically, there used to be systems available that uses an analogue cable connection, though are less common now, though are still available in some entry-level D.I.Y kits. We have fixed lens and varifocal lens cameras available, as well as 360-degree and pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

Top Features Of Our CCTV Systems

An important feature of a CCTV camera system is the motion detection, storage accessibility, high-resolution image and video coverage. Read more about these features below:

A sharp image: A good security camera should capture a full HD and higher resolution video that is not blurry or grainy.

Motion-activated recordings: A typical camera should be configured to record when motion is detected continuously. They work very well with an alarm system to alert you during an intrusion.

Storage accessibility: All of our security cameras are set up back to your mobile device, you can view them at any time from anywhere.

Security Camera Installation

Both residential and commercial customers can benefit from CCTV installations. Installing security cameras in your warehouse or office can reduce theft, capture intruders and keep your workers and family safe.

Our CCTV systems have night vision, they still function when it’s dark so that you can check on your property at any time of day, dusk or night, knowing you will have a crystal clear image at any time.

Security Camera System Specialists

The best CCTV cameras will allow you to monitor your house from a distance and deter thieves and trespassers. You can watch what's happening in and around your home or business with a recorded video feed or live via a connected phone application. Though the CCTV systems are easy to use, a good quality system can be complex to design, install and commission.

At Advanced Living Solutions, we guarantee concealed wiring and the appropriate placement of security cameras around your premises. Before leaving the site, our representative will demonstrate how to use your new security system so that you can make the most of it. Learn more about our professionally installed security camera systems today.


Can I install security cameras myself?
We do recommend having them professionally installed, however if you are wanting to install them yourselves we would recommend getting the cabling professionally installed to ensure functionality, positioning and cable testing. We offer packages to supply & install as well as having pre-wiring options available.
Do security cameras record all the time?
We program our cameras to record on movement only, this is so that it is easier to find footage of events and to provide the longest amount of storage on your hard drive. We can also set them up to constant recording if requested.
Do you have to have internet for security cameras?

You will require an active internet connection for the cameras to work on your devices however if you would only like to see them from the monitor, then an internet connection is not mandatory.

How long can security cameras hold footage?

Every security system is unique depending on the application of which it is installed. The number of cameras and image quality can change / determine the hard drive space your cameras will use. We usually say 3-6 weeks is roughly how long you will be able to get on a regular 4 camera system before the oldest footage starts over riding however this can vary.

Can I add security cameras later?
Security cameras can be added later to any dwelling, though sometimes this can lead to modifications being required, including plaster damage that may need to be repaired, especially in double storeys. We highly recommend getting all of your wiring in before you plaster to avoid disappointment.
What is the warranty on a CCTV system?

All systems have different warranty period, though our UNV & Dahua systems have a 3-year warranty period. Please ask our team what warranty your system has, we will confirm depending on what is installed there.