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A Comprehensive Guide to School Security Systems

Security should be the least of our concerns for us parents when our children are inside the school premises. Unfortunately, the environment has changed and schools can’t be automatically designated as safe places for everyone. The administrators and educational facilitators have the responsibility of keeping everyone inside the school premises safe and this is why they need to invest in proper school security systems to ensure everyone’s safety.

The security systems meant for schools make use of a variety of methods including CCTV cameras, physical methods, access control systems, alarm systems and various other tools to keep the premises safe for children, teachers, visitors, administrators and others.

School Safety and Security Issues

Schools need to take security seriously. Security issues affect parents, administrators, faculty members as well as students. Students, as well as faculty members inside the school, face a variety of security threats including theft, fighting, drugs, bullying, weapons possession and other such problems. 

It is also a well-known fact that most schools don’t take safety as seriously as they should as everybody presumes that nobody is going to target a school but incidents in recent years suggest otherwise. Here’s a list of some of the most common security problems prevalent at schools:

  • Lack of emergency and prevention plans or outdated plans
  • Security systems that were last updated in the 1970s
  • Not enough security devices
  • Understaffing
  • Not taking potential security threats seriously

Fortunately, there are security solutions that can help keep students and faculty members safe. The only thing schools need to do is take potential security threats seriously and invest in the right solutions.

How Do School Safety and Security Issues Affect School Students?

Schools need to take proactive actions to make the pupils feel secure and safe inside the school premises. It is a misconception that potential security threats do not have any effect on students. In fact, students are affected in a variety of ways.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the academic performance of students is directly affected by security issues. When students feel safe inside the school, it helps them focus on their studies. If students do not feel safe inside the school, their personal performance, as well as academic performance, declines significantly.

In order to make school premises secure, schools should invest in appropriate security infrastructures such as CCTV, surveillance cameras, parameter checks, metal detectors and various other solutions.

Why Is the School Security System Necessary?

A school security system is not only meant for potential security threats but also offers a range of other benefits. Proper security systems also lead to a stronger camaraderie among the members of the school community. 

Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to pay special attention to school security:

  1. It ensures a healthy learning environment
  2. It ensures an excellent level of protection for everyone
  3. It helps in deterring potential violence on campus
  4. It helps in ensuring a quick and effective response to emergencies

Different Types of School Security Systems

A variety of school security systems are available today. One of the most common security systems that are being implemented across schools is access control systems. 

These are highly effective electronic control systems that ensure only authorised users are allowed access to certain areas. Some of the other types of school security systems in use today include:

  • Different types of door locks
  • Alarm systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • CCTV cameras

How to Choose the Right Security Devices for Your School?

Every school is different and has different needs. The choice of security devices for your school will depend on your specific security requirements but here are a few basic devices that should be a part of every school security solution.

  • Access control system — An access control system is widely used in commercial buildings as well as school campuses. It makes sure that only authorised users are able to gain access to school property as only those with the right credentials are able to unlock the door and get inside.
  • Visitor management — Schools get a lot of visitors. It could be vendors, guest speakers, parents, contract workers and prospective students, among others. The right security solution for the school should focus on visitor management.
  • Door security — In order to secure storage spaces, faculty offices as well as teachers’ lounges, good quality door lock system should be installed. A variety of solutions are available that can be accessed through specific key cards or passcodes or through apps on smartphones. There are also biometric-based door locks.
  • Alarm systems — Schools also need to invest in an alarm system. This alarm system should not be there only for fire but should also alert the students in case of theft, school violence, natural disaster or any other kind of issue.
  • CCTV cameras — CCTV cameras help in creating a safer environment for the faculty members as well as students. Since there is visual surveillance, it not only helps in keeping records but also allows the security personnel to look at whatever is happening throughout the campus. However, it also has certain drawbacks.

Consult with an experienced team — The best way to get the right security devices for your school is to consult with an experienced team of professionals with ample experience in installing school security systems. This team can help you get an idea of the pros and cons of different school security systems and allow you to make an informed decision.

Improving School Security

Everyone wants to provide a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. However, educational institutions often do not have the resources to get top-of-the-line security solutions for their campuses. Fortunately, security grants might be available for schools at the state as well as the federal levels.

In order to improve the school security system, it is important for you to engage the services of professionals to carry out a thorough risk assessment through a proper security audit. The faculty and staff members should be trained on the use of security systems in place. 

There should also be specific procedures in place for handling certain types of issues. Also, staff members should be trained to monitor specific types of behaviours.

Final Thoughts

There was a time when security wasn’t a big concern at school and college campuses but times have changed. Today, administrators can’t ignore security due to the ever-evolving nature of threats. School administrators should have a security plan in place and they should invest in the right security products to build a safe environment for the staff, faculty and students. 

It is recommended to consult with an experienced team of professionals with ample experience in school security systems to learn more about the available options and to choose the right solution for your school campus.

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