Control4 Home Automation

Home automation is not just a fad. It’s here to stay and increasingly becoming necessary for many homeowners. From improving your home’s security and enhancing your peace of mind to CCTV monitoring and security-enhancing smart lighting to the controlling audio experience in your home, intelligent home automation systems are improving our homes and our lives.

Why Automate?

Home automation is not just a fad. It’s here to stay and increasingly becoming necessary for many homeowners. From improving your home’s security and enhancing your peace of mind to CCTV monitoring and security-enhancing smart lighting to the controlling audio experience in your home, intelligent home automation systems are improving our homes and our lives.

Leading the way in smart home automation is the Control4 system. The industry-leading system is robust, tried, and tested and has proven to be among the best in the market. It’s compatible with over 35,000 devices, making it one of the most versatile and effective smart home systems you can buy. Most importantly, it’s renowned for being secure. It uses secure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee to connect with your devices.

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    Home Security Enhancing your home security enhances your peace of mind. Control4 Home Security systems automate your home security systems, including cameras, locks, and garage doors, enhancing your home security. The system also gives security notifications and alerts regarding the status of your home. Have your kids arrived home? Are all the doors open? Is there a water leak? No matter the situation, Control4 will let you know.

    Smart Lighting Control4 offers an excellent upgrade to your traditional On/OFF switch. Control4 Smart Lighting configurable interfaces implement automation in your home, enhancing your control over lighting. Working with leading shade manufacturers, including Qmotion, Lutron, and Somfy, Control4 integrates with window blinds to help you control lighting levels in your home. Smart lighting also works well with your Control4 home security systems to enhance your home’s security.

    Intercom Anywhere The intercom feature allows homeowners to monitor their homes remotely and interact with anyone at the door through the intercom system, no matter where they are. Are you running late? You can let guests into your home through your mobile phone via the video doorbell. You can interact with your kids after school while at work through the Intercom Anywhere.

    Smart Home OS Smart Home OS 3 is the latest operating system that Control4 offers homeowners. It’s been designed with an intuitive user experience in mind. Moreover, the operating system is designed to adaptable to your needs. Users can personalise the home screen on their Neeo remote, touchscreen, or phone with favourites. Whether you add security systems, locks, or entertainment devices, a customised home screen allows users to access their most frequently used devices without fiddling with the menu.

    Universal Remote To control all aspects of your home automation system, Control4 has a choice of the Neeo Remote and the Control4 SR-260. With either of the universal remote controls, homeowners can control every aspect of their home. You can control everything in your home using a single device, from switching the lights on or off to closing the doors and controlling streaming music.

    Voice Control Control4 integrates with the leading voice command systems, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Josh. Consequently, you can control specific devices in your home using voice commands only.

    Home Theatre Control4 works with Dolby to deliver Atmos to homeowners. Aside from providing theatre-grade sound systems with an immersive experience, you also get automated control of these systems, further enhancing your movie experiences.

    Multi-Room Audio Control4’s multi-room audio is a must-have feature if you love your music. It lets you stream or play high-resolution music in any room from the home automation system. The Multi-room audio feature comes with custom outdoor speakers, sound bars, designer speakers, and a custom, effectively giving your home the ideal sound experience indoors or outdoors.

    Whole Home Control4 has a wide variety of products that allow users to control virtually every aspect of their home. The systems are integrated into the Control4 home control and designed to make interacting with and living in the house an easy and seamless experience.

    Stay in Control, Secured, and with Peace of Mind

    Control4 has been optimised to make the home automation experience convenient and ultimately enhance the comfort you experience while at home. The system gives the ability to monitor and control smart locks, appliances such as the HVAC system, audio systems across multiple rooms, security systems such as CCTV cameras, and more from a tablet, smartphone, or the universal remote control. In a nutshell, you can control everything in your home conveniently and quickly.

    Control4 System Authorised Dealer

    While the system is incredibly powerful, you need an experienced dealer to custom-design an automation system that will work effectively for you. Advanced Living Solutions is an authorised Control4 with years of experience integrating Control4 systems into new home builds or remodels. You can rest assured that our team will design a system that enhances your enjoyment of your home, its comfort, and, importantly, its security.

    Control4 Installation Services

    We offer a customised Control4 system that’s bespoke to your home and your needs. We’ll integrate everything you need to keep your home comfortable, convenient, and safe. Most importantly, our experienced technicians will install the system, ensuring everything integrates well and works as intended. You can rest assured we’ll leave you with a smart home that’s not only easy to use but works to meet your and your family’s needs.


    Is Control4 worth the money?

    Yes! You can customise the system to meet your specific needs and budget. Notably, the inherent qualities of Control4 make home automation a joy to have and use. You’ll experience exceptional reliability and support, unbeatable compatibility and versatility, and the ability to create an ideal scene for every occasion in your home.

    These benefits make your home safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Ultimately, you get great value from this system.

    Is there a monthly fee for Control4?

    There is no subscription fee attached to the use of Control4. However, other extension features require you to purchase a monthly or annual subscription fee. For instance, to use Control4’s 4Sight requires one to pay a subscription (paid monthly or annually).

    4Sight is a remote access feature that allows homeowners who’ve installed Control4 smart home automation system to access and control their home remote. Whether you’re across town or on the other side of the globe, you can monitor and control all aspects of your home using 4Sight.

    Can you install Control4 yourself?

    In a nutshell, no. Control4 is not designed with plug-and-play in mind. Making thousands of devices compatible with the Control4 Smart Home OS3 is complex and has negated the Control4 to be plug and play.

    You need the input of an authorised dealer to help you decide the system you need for the level of home automation and control you need. Additionally, it’s the responsibility of the dealer to configure everything on your software to ensure every attached device is compatible and functions as intended.

    Is Control4 in business?

    Yes. Founded in 2003, Control4 started selling home automation products in 2004. The company existed as a publically traded company from 2013 to 2019. In 2019, Control4 merged with SnapAV.

    In 2021, the two companies completed their merger to form Snap One, with Control4 smart home systems as the company’s flagship home automation brand.

    For the best experience in implementing Control4 home automation systems in your home, look no further than Advanced Living Solutions. We’re your go-to authorised dealer for system design, installation, and integration.