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Does Your Home Automation Require A Firewall?

Home Automation Require A Firewall

Since the dawn of cyber attacks, data security and protection are now on everyone’s radar. As a home automation owner, you might be wondering if your home automation system requires a firewall to stay protected against such cyber attacks. In today’s blog post, we’re going to answer this exact question. Feel free to continue reading to learn more!

What Is A Firewall In Home Automation?

A firewall is a computing term used to refer to a system that protects a network from unauthorised access. When it comes to home automation, firewalls prevent home automation devices from internet-based attacks. Firewalls monitor outgoing and incoming traffic, keeping your local network secure. Using a firewall for your home automation will ensure you meet compliance mandates, strengthen security, and increase visibility.

How Do Firewalls Work In Home Automation?

Home automation is proving to be a fundamental need in most homes today, and along with it, includes home security systems like firewalls. While getting to know how a firewall for home automation operates can be difficult, the core purpose of this tech is to make life easier, safer, and simpler. 

With that said, how does a firewall work? In a nutshell, developers come up with a security solution that is embedded into the processors and communication chips of home automation devices. These can include home health sensors, temperature sensors, window alarms, and thermostats. This security solution seeks to:

  • Protect the device against internet-based attacks
  • Ease device security management
  • Provide incident reporting to home users and service providers via a secure web page

When such devices are connected to the internet, the service provider, home system integrator or any other user sets up the security arrangement. This ensures that only a few people with the IP address or specified phone numbers can access the system. It stops communication with unauthorised people. 

7 Benefits Of Firewalls For Home Automation Systems

There are several benefits that come with setting up a firewall for your home automation system. These benefits include:

  1. Blocks unauthorised access, protecting personal information.
  2. Prevents communication between unapproved home automation devices.
  3. Protects home automation devices from hackers.
  4. Protects against automated hacking drones.
  5. Easy to be used in common operating systems such as LynxOS, eCos, Integrity, Embedded Linux and many others. 
  6. Secures integration of multiple smart home devices.
  7. Improves customisation, efficiency, and control.

4 Dangers Of Not Having A Firewall In Home Automation

Without a proper security solution to manage your home automation network, you risk some of the following issues:

  1. DevOps and unauthorized users can circumvent your home automation system
  2. Reduced visibility into security and network policies
  3. A high-attack surface
  4. Notable issues with regard to performance degradation

Home Automation Require A Firewall

Does Home Automation Require A Firewall?

In short, yes it does. Cyber attackers and other criminals are finding more intelligent ways to attack homes and steal valuable data. In this sense, you need a firewall to keep unauthorised access away. When you protect your network, you protect your data, assets and peace of mind. Make sure to keep track of your network and respond accordingly in case of any threats with a licensed firewall.

Additionally, many home automation devices feature AI and IoT, which in turn means that home automation security has become a major concern. Granted, it can be scary to think of possible data breaches and what that would mean for a family. Thankfully, many tech companies in the field of IoT are working to bring these additions to home automation devices. Within a few minutes, you can have your home safeguarded.

Selecting The Right Firewall For Your Home Automation

To get the best firewall for your home, assess their remote coverage, protection levels, device monitoring & control, and security infrastructure. You should also look for firewall software that is licensed and embedded by smart home manufacturers. That way, you can guarantee that your system is authentic. Lastly, always consider customer reviews on the product to see what the user experience looks like. 

Get A Firewall For Your Home Automation Today!

Firewalls block any suspected or malicious unsafe internet traffic to your devices. With home automation, firewalls can therefore help you conduct higher-level operations and increase your home’s overall security. To get proficient systems embedded with high-quality firewalls, talk to Advanced Living Solutions. Let’s keep you secure!

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