Searching for a healthier, quieter and more powerful way to vacuum your home? Advanced Living Solutions offers class leading ducted vacuum systems for a better, healthier and quieter cleaning experience.

Ducted Vacuums are so simple to use. Simply plug in the hose and start vacuuming without worrying about power points, length of the hose or a screaming portable vacuum. A ducted vacuum system is not only quieter, but also gets rid of the dust and particles completely instead of recirculating them throughout your home.

What is a Ducted Vacuum System?

A ducted vacuum system is a safer, faster and easier way of cleaning your home. These central vacuum systems were once considered a luxury, but these days are a more affordable solution for everyone in any property.

These systems carry the dirt and dust into a centralised location that is not a part of the living area. These centralised systems help in creating a cleaner air environment as the dust-laden air isn’t recirculated which is the case with traditional vacuums.

A ducted system has several components:

  • Power unit - Vacuum Motor Unit
  • Ducting or PVC piping - Replace with PVC Piping behind the plaster walls
  • Wall mounted inlet valves
  • Hose & Heads - Available in kit form or standalone

Buy Ducted Vacuum Cleaners

Advanced Living Solutions offers a wide range of ducted vacuum systems from the top brands including Premier Clean & Cyclovac. The major difference among various systems is the number of internal points where the hose can be connected to the system. These system packages usually include:

Powerful vacuum motor | Internal connection points | Connection point at the vacuum motor | Vacuum hose | Accessory kit

What is a Ducted Vacuum System?

A ducted vacuum system can be installed in any kind of home including a steel frame home. The installation process is similar for various designs though details vary based on the site conditions. Typically, there are 4 major types of installation:

  • Replacement of an existing ducted vacuum system
  • Installation of a ducted vacuum system in an existing home
  • Installation of a ducted vacuum system in a new build
  • Installation of a ducted vacuum system into a commercial office space

Ducted Vacuum Vs Regular Vacuum Cleaners

A ducted vacuum system offers a number of advantages over a regular vacuum system. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a ducted vacuum system today:

It’s Quieter
If you have learned to live with a noisy vacuum system, a ducted system is going to change your life. Everybody in the home can go about their day without the mind bending noise of a regular vacuum system. You can easily watch TV, listen to your favourite music or have a chat on the phone while vacuuming. It’s a completely different experience and you will love it!

More Power
A ducted vacuum system has a more powerful motor compared to your regular systems. You can use it to deep clean your carpets, and get rid of pet hair and allergy-causing particles. You will enjoy a healthier and safer indoor environment with a ducted vacuum system.

Enhanced Property Value
A ducted system also adds instant value to your property. These systems are much more durable and reliable compared to regular vacuum systems.

Traditional vacuum systems recirculate the air whereas a ducted system gets rid of the allergens and dust particles permanently to an external location (generally the garage) You need to experience it to feel the difference.

Ease of Use
Needless to say, these systems are much easier to use compared to regular vacuum systems as you don’t have to drag along a long power cord and a noisy vacuum from room to room.

Simple yet Convenient and Powerful Cleaning!

A ducted vacuum system offers an easier and better way to vacuum your house. These systems are designed to last for decades. A ducted system is far more powerful compared to modern portable modular and stick vacuum systems.

Advanced Living Solutions is a premier supplier and installer of the best-ducted vacuum systems from top-of-the-line brands across the globe. Our experts will help you choose the right system for your cleaning needs.


Can I install a ducted vacuum system myself?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us today to discuss our DIY packages. However, to ensure the job is done properly, it is best to have it professionally installed.

How much does it cost to install a ducted vacuum system?

The cost of installing a ducted vacuum system will vary depending on the size and construction of your home. Contact one of our friendly staff to get an idea of the costs based upon your individual situation.

Is ducted vacuum worth it?

A ducted vacuum system can make all the difference when it comes to fighting dust and allergens. A ducted vacuum system is far more cost-effective long term than portable models and requires less maintenance (most only need bag changes) while being robust enough for any type of environment.

How many ducted vacuum outlets should I have?

Quantity of vacuum outlets is based upon the size of the home. As a guideline, we would recommend 2-3 points for an average sized single storey home, and 3-4 points for an averaged sized double storey home. The larger the home the more points required. Our hoses are 12m long - these hoses need to reach all parts of the home.

If you need further clarification please call our office and our friendly team can assist you.

What is a Retractable Ducted Vacuum system?
A retractable ducted vacuum is also known as Hide-A-Hose. The outlets are installed within the wall cavity and have a 15 metre hose permanently installed at each point, removing the need to carry around a hose to each outlet. The hoses have a sock installed on them before installation, to prevent damage to the walls when vacuuming throughout the home. Once you are done vacuuming, you simply let the hose reel itself back into the wall and close the point.
Which is the best type of ducted vacuum cleaning system?
Ducted vacuum machines are a powerful and durable option, they have longer-lasting motors that rarely have an issue, making them better for your wallet in addition to the environment. Our two strongest systems are the Cyclovac H7515 (these are a dual motor) and the Monarch 950, they both have incredible suction.
How often should I change the bag?
Ducted vacuum bag changes will be dependant on usage and variables such as pets and amount of movement through the home. We would recommend checking the bag at least once every 2-3 months although some people may not need to change them for 6-12 months.
Where do I buy the replacement bags from?

We sell ducted vacuum bags on our online store, Alternatively, there are a few suppliers across Victoria that you may get these from. We would always recommend sticking to the approved fabric bags, as the paper bags can rip and cause dust to enter the motor and cause long-term damage.

Why is a ducted vacuum system needed?
Ducted vacuum systems make it easy to clean hard-to-reach places like tiles, carpets and stairs with convenient inlet valves that reduce time spent on cleaning. Furniture can also be cleaned using these powerful machines which have been designed for efficient performance at an affordable price point for most homes.