Premier Electrical Services Wantirna

Premier Electrical Services Wantirna

For all your electrical needs in Wantirna, trust the experts at Advanced Living Solutions. We are your local team of skilled electricians, equipped to handle a wide array of domestic and commercial electrical requirements, all at competitive rates.


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About Us

At Advanced Living Solutions, we've cultivated an excellent reputation for our customer-centric approach and unwavering commitment to delivering quality workmanship. We're more than just your neighbourhood electrical service; we're a trusted name not only in Wantirna but throughout the region.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Quality is at the core of our services. Our electricians engage in ongoing training to stay abreast of the latest procedures, techniques, products, and regulations. With public liability insurance, your property remains safeguarded during our work. Furthermore, we undergo police checks for your peace of mind.


Courtesy is our hallmark. Our technicians are not just adept at electrical services; they're also skilled in customer interactions. We aim to provide top-quality electrical solutions while treating you with the respect you deserve.

Our Electrical Services
in Wantirna

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

General Electrical

From ceiling fan installations to electrical switchboard upgrades, bathroom heaters, and power points, we cover a wide spectrum of general electrical requirements. Our team is always ready to provide timely and competitively priced services.

Electrical Services

For construction projects, we excel in designing and installing electrical systems that comply with all codes and standards. Whether it's new home wiring or solar panel installations, we collaborate with architects and builders to ensure the success of your project.

Electrical Services

Safety takes precedence in every home. We deliver top-quality domestic electrical services, including new home wiring, solar panels, safety switches, and more. Our emergency team is on standby for any unforeseen issues.

Electrical Services

Commercial electrical needs tend to be intricate. From detailed electrical layouts to emergency repairs, we serve businesses, landlords, real estate agents, and property managers.

Electrical Inspectionand Testing

Stay compliant with regulations by conducting inspections and tests on your electrical systems. We cover a wide range of inspections, ensuring your property remains safe.


Proper maintenance is essential in preventing faults. We offer wiring repair and/or rewiring, powerpoint and internet maintenance and installation, lighting repairs, switchboard repairs, and more for homes and businesses.

Serving All of Wantirna

With our base in Wantirna, we are your local electrical solutions provider. Count on us for prompt service when you need it.

Licensed and

Our electricians are not just qualified and experienced; they are also fully licensed and accredited. Rest assured, we deliver the highest quality workmanship.

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Ready to book an electrician in Wantirna? Look no further than Advanced Living Solutions. We're your local electrical experts, committed to delivering exceptional service for our community.

Electrician FAQs

How can I verify an electrician's qualifications?

Utilise the ESVConnect database to confirm whether the electrician holds a valid licence as an electrical worker and contractor. ESVConnect maintains a list of registered electrical contractors, inspection companies, licensed electrical workers, and more.

What distinguishes domestic from commercial electricians?

Domestic and commercial electrical work differs due to variations in equipment, load demands, processes, procedures, and materials. Consequently, domestic and commercial electricians undertake distinct tasks and possess different skill sets.

Why do some of my appliances trip the power circuit?

Appliances can trip the power circuit for various reasons, including overheating, overloading the circuit, causing an electrical short, ground faults, or having damaged cables or plugs.

What is the significance of RCD?

RCD stands for residual-current device, a safety device designed to break electrical circuits in the event of current leakage to the ground part of the circuit.

What are common electrical issues to watch out for?

Common electrical problems include faulty wires, exposed wiring, overcrowded wiring, circuit breaker issues, burnt-out light bulbs, malfunctioning light switches, and high electricity bills.

When should I contact an electrician?

It's advisable to engage an experienced electrician when you encounter issues with electrical fixtures, appliances, wiring, or any other component of your property's electrical system