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How Can I Ensure That My Smart Home Won’t Be Hacked?

Ensure Smart Home Won’t Be Hacked

Do you want to automate your home using smart home technology, but are concerned about the security threats involved? How can you ensure that your smart home won’t get hacked? Smart home automation can transform your home into a high-tech haven that adjusts the temperature given the weather trends, activates your lights depending on the daylight, and even detects packages before they are delivered to your doorstep. However, this technology may leave you exposed to hackers. 

Read on below for tips on how to ensure that your smart home is protected against hacking attacks.  

Pick Your Smart Devices Carefully

The first step towards a secure smart home involves choosing the right smart devices. Always check whether the smart home devices you choose have reasonable security features. While most reputable brands will make sure of this, you should check out the available reviews on each device to make sure that they are reliably secure. Additionally, instead of buying wireless devices, try to go with Power over Ethernet devices as they tend to be more secure.   

Always Change Default Names 

If you truly want to take yourself off the list of easy targets when it comes to smart home hackers, be sure to change any default names and passwords on your new devices, including your WiFi router. Whenever you are setting up a new device on your home, make sure that you don’t allow it to set up a default account or name on your behalf. Hackers normally look for default names when searching for vulnerable devices.  

Strong Passwords Are Key

A strong password is essential when it comes to securing your smart home from hackers. With that said, be sure to come up with a strong password that is at least 12 characters long. Consider using a password manager when it comes to setting and remembering passwords. In addition to helping you remember all your passwords, a password manager also generates passwords that hackers will struggle with. This tool also tracks the amount of time that has elapsed since you changed your passwords. 

Most importantly, remember to come up with a strong master password for the password manager to keep it from being hacked and exposing all your passwords.  

Ensure Smart Home Won’t Be Hacked

Use 2-Factor Authentication 

Two-factor authentication is a must-have in the most secure smart home systems. Simply put, this measure acts like a second password that helps secure your system in case a hacker is able to get past the initial account login. They will need a code (often sent via email or text message) to gain access to the system or device. When shopping for smart home devices, take the time to look for those with two-factor authentication where possible.  

Avoid Public WiFi

You should always avoid using public WiFi when sending commands to or streaming data from your smart home. This is because public WiFi networks are not secure. Hackers can send out malware and monitor any unencrypted data sent over the network. Use your mobile data plan or look for a secure WiFi network when communicating with your smart home. Alternatively, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) if you have to use a public WiFi network.  

Go Through App Permissions 

In addition to talking to each other, some smart home devices also collect data on usage. Before you start using such devices, make sure that you find out what they are collecting. If there are specific features, like Bluetooth connectivity and Location data, which you do not use, be sure to deny app permissions. Additionally, be sure to remove any smart home apps from your old phones and unlink any smart home devices from your network once you get rid of them or they stop working. 

Final Thoughts 

Automating your home can have numerous advantages. With the above tips in mind and in action, you can minimise any risk of your smart home being hacked. 

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