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What Are The Future Home Automation Trends?

Future Home Automation Trends

What are the future home automation trends? Are there any benefits that come with these home automation trends? Throughout the next few years, people can expect to see many trends in home automation. As technology continues to progress, home automation is expected to become more and more intuitive. 

In today’s blog article, we will discuss the future of these trends along with the benefits that they will bring. Continue reading to learn more!

1). Artificial Intelligence 

One of the biggest home automation trends that will occur in the future is the incorporation of artificial intelligence, or AI, into home automation devices and systems. AI may very well be used to make internet devices even smarter because AI is designed to predict things by analysing and using the data it collects. 

In the future, devices such as smart-connected appliances might be powered by AI. In turn, these devices will likely require zero manual operation. This is because AI will get better and better at figuring out patterns, routines and behaviour of users. Homeowners will enjoy the utmost convenience if this trend catches on. 

2). A New Level Of Customisation 

Another major trend in the future of home automation is customisation. Over the next few years, more and more customisable solutions will be available to tailor the home automation system functions to its users. This is because AI and technology in general continue to make advancements like never before. 

Examples of customisation solutions include homeowners being able to choose specific products and services based on their needs. For instance, they might be able to use WiFi motion technology that operates in specific spaces and not the entire home. The products themselves could one day be customised in ways they could not just a few years ago.

Future Home Automation Trends

3). Data Security 

As more and more homeowners use their smart-connected devices built within their homes, there will be an ongoing need to protect data. There will also be a need to prevent devices from being hacked, as well as stay protected from viruses. With that said, data security will continue to trend in home automation. In fact, in present times companies are continuing to develop advanced techniques to protect and secure their customers’ data. 

4). Sustainability & Energy Efficiency 

Sustainability is becoming a hot topic, and businesses of all kinds are doing what they can to create products and services that are sustainable. Over the next few years, the future of home automation will have far more sustainable features, products and services. In fact, today there are smart appliances in homes that are energy efficient and are considered sustainable solutions. 

However, businesses are continuing to look into ways to make home automation even more sustainable. One advantage of this trend is that homeowners can end up saving a considerable amount of money on their energy bills. From lightbulbs and big appliances to everything in between, home automation products are likely going to become even more energy efficient.

5). Features Designed For Elderly Homeowners

Elderly-friendly devices are expected to rise in the coming years. One example includes motion detection devices that are designed to detect falls. Such advancements in home automation will allow elderly people to stay in their homes while remaining independent thanks to the technology that could be automating their homes.

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