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Advanced Living Systems is Melbourne's leading Bespoke Home Automation technology and system provider. Our company is renowned for providing customer-centric services and high-quality products. We have a team of experienced designers, electricians, engineers, and technicians ready to meet your challenges and bring your ideas for a futuristic home to life and with our smart home technologies increasingly becoming a necessity and less of a luxury, our goal is to bring the best-in-class expertise and the highest quality smart home products to your smart home project.

Home Automation Packages in Melbourne

Whether you are looking for whole-home solutions or a package that will enhance a specific aspect of your home or business (such as security), we have the experience and technical capability to design, install, and maintain the technology and systems. We can do everything from an integrated home security system to a complex home automation system. Crucially, we do not just install the technology into your home, but work to implement systems that make your life simpler.

Our customers are interested in numerous different systems to help them reach their home automation ambitions. With technology constantly evolving, we are continuously training our team to work with leading brands in the home automation market. This ensures we can meet your needs, even if there are specific brands you want in your home. Some key brands in Automation we work with include Triad, Araknis, Control4, Inner Range, 2N & Dahua.

Whatever your needs are, you can trust us to implement your smart home project efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team has developed a wide range of packages to best meet the needs of our esteemed customers.

We have quickly become the leading automation specialists in Melbourne; if you're installing new home automation systems in your home or business or replacing/upgrading an existing system, contact us today!

Benefits of Smart Homes

Integration Enables you to integrate your electronic enhancements and security systems through an easy to use app.

Convenience Home Automation makes home life easier and far more convenient. In a world so demanding of our time, imagine controlling your home from your smart phone. Everything is at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Resale Value Home automation significantly increases the resale value of your home with future proof technology.

Enhances Safety Security appliances integrated to your automation gives a futuristic sense of security and clarity that your home and belongings are safe and secure.

Improved Energy Efficiency Smart home systems allow you to pinpoint areas where energy consumption is more than necessary so you can then fix any issues that arise. Moreover, remote access to appliances allows homeowners to switch appliances on and off remotely or even automate the entire system, thereby reducing energy consumption. Entertainment Stream music in every room. Enjoy unrivalled viewing with the perfect home theatre with smart home entertainment systems. Improved Accessibility For The Elderly And Disabled Improve access for the disabled and elderly with smart home systems that allow you to control everything with your fingertips.

Advanced Living Solutions The Smart Home Automation Specialists

Hundreds of homes have utilised us for their home automation from conception to completion. Appreciating that every customer we work with has a unique set of needs, we pull out all stops to ensure we provide highly bespoke smart home automation design, installation of the home automation products, and maintenance services.

Our team will work with you to understand your needs, how much you want to automate and control, your budget, and all other factors that influence typical home automation in Melbourne.

Therefore, we use an intricate process to ensure we get everything right. Our processes include:

  • Consultation
  • Understanding safety considerations
  • Manufacturing the control cabinet
  • Wiring and installing the system
  • Personalised programming
  • Handover & training of the system
  • Elite level of after-handover service & maintenance

In a nutshell, we've perfected our process to ensure the smooth implementation of your smart home systems. Most importantly, we help you create a smart home that enhances your experience while at home.


What is a smart home?
A smart home is a home that has installed smart home systems that connect and control appliances. These systems automate tasks while giving homeowners remote access and control of the various appliances in the home. An excellent example of a smart home system is a mobile app-enabled system that allows the homeowner to control the lighting, blinds, security systems and heating/cooling systems from the app at any location.
What's the difference between home automation and smart technology?
Home automation relates to integrating devices that allow the homeowner to set up and run automated services. As such, in an automated setup, the devices will run the pre-programmed automatic services only after being set up. On the other hand, smart technology will provide clients with smart devices that run autonomously, for example a Smart TV or a standalone streaming device such as Google Home.
How do I turn my home into a smart house?

#1. Do Research – The market is awash with smart home devices and appliances. It's prudent to learn what different packages, appliances, brands, and systems offer. This enhances your ability to make the right choice.

#2. Know Your Needs – You can potentially automate many aspects of your home. Some of the automation will improve your lifestyle and make your home more enjoyable, while others will not. As such, identify your needs and ways automation will improve your life. Don't buy gadgets just for the sake of it.

#3. Improve Your Wi-Fi – Most notably, smart home devices communicate through the internet. You need to upgrade your home internet to cope with the increased load. Additionally, you need to extend the Wi-Fi to ensure there are no dead spots for the best function of your system.

After that, consult experts in this field to guide you through the process and to install and implement the various plans.

Does smart technology include security systems?
While it's not mandatory, most smart home technology incorporates security systems. For instance, most systems will have alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and intercom access to the property/facility.
What do I need to consider when choosing a smart technology company?

Consider the following elements when choosing a smart technology company:

  • The security of the devices – Are the smart tech devices encrypted and secured from hacks?
  • The durability of the devices
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of incorporating and expanding the system over time – can you add and incorporate more smart devices into your existing system in the future?
  • The aftercare & service provided by chosen company