Home Theatre Systems are the most popular addition to a home in this generation, they have become a key aspect of our lives knowing you can have that cinema experience in the privacy of your own home. We have pre-packaged theatre systems available or can tailor a custom-built solution to meet your exact requirements. Our team of highly experienced installers, technicians & engineers will be able to answer any questions you have and deliver your dream theatre system.


We can bring your ideas for a home theatre to life whether you're looking to build a dedicated room to immerse yourself in movies or a multi-purpose entertainment space for gathering to enjoy movies or sports. We will pull all stops to ensure the cinematic experience of your home theatre exceeds your expectations.


With a surround sound system, high res 4K viewing, furniture and fittings that replicate a luxury theatre, you can create your own cinema at home. Importantly, we can customise your theatre room to match your taste perfectly. Our team will work with you to create the best home theatre system Melbourne has to offer.

Do you want the speaker and subwoofer to accentuate the room, or do you prefer hidden speakers' subtle and understated feel? Do you want mood lighting to enhance the experience? No matter how big or small, we will bring your vision of a home theatre in your home to life.


We know that the technology in the home theatre space is ever improving. As such, we tailor home theatre systems that are inherently easy to improve in the future. Our surround-sound experts create a detailed plan and design that meets your needs and is flexible enough to allow for future improvements or upgrades if requested.


Create a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your living room. Having limited space in your home should not deter you from enjoying a great cinematic experience.

We help homeowners create comparable cinematic experiences while avoiding the hassle, time, and expense of creating a dedicated space for home theatre. Importantly, we ensure our home theatre installation does not affect your living room's overall style and design.


A great cinematic experience is not limited to a big screen and surround sound system, it’s often complimented with automated lighting, blind control, heating/cooling, drop down screens & projectors. Our home theatre automation packages help homeowners personalise their entertainment spaces for convenience, comfort for the utmost enjoyment, giving you the ability to control all of your automated features with the push of a button on your smart device or wall mounted controller.


Finding the best home theatre solution for your home can be difficult. After all, every home theatre is different with unique performance qualities, and every homeowner has their needs and goals. This means no two projects we deliver are ever the same, so rest assured we will work with you to understand your requirements and meet your expectations.


To discover the best home theatre system for your home or project, contact Advanced Living Solutions today.


What is a good size for a home theatre room?
Projectors have requirements on distances they can be back from the screen. For a 110” screen, we recommend a minimum room depth of 3500mm and for a 120” screen we would recommend a minimum room depth of 4000mm. We also recommend closed rooms are better than open due to sound travel and echo that can occur. If you aren’t sure if it will fit, please call us and we can help!
What are the major components of a home theatre system?
The major components of a home theatre system are a projector or large screen, an amplifier, a subwoofer & of course, your speakers. These all work together to create a magnificent theatre room.
Does a home theatre add value to my house?
Absolutely. Having a home theatre set up in your home will increase your homes value. You can also choose whether you want to leave the main components or take it with you, giving you the ability to re-use your purchases in the future.
Are home theatre systems worth it?
The last few years have showed everyone how important it is to love your home. We have found that home theatres have become incredibly popular with more people home and the rise of streaming services. It is a great feature to have in your home for kids, entertaining or a lazy day on the couch!