Multi-dwelling units are hotspots for burglars and other criminals. That's because it's difficult to identify any outsiders within the building due to the sheer number of people entering and exiting it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the main considerations when choosing an apartment is security.

Study after study shows that residents value security amenities over almost everything else. As an apartment owner or manager, you need to look for cutting-edge security measures for keeping it secure. Advanced Living Solutions is available to help you with this.

Multi-Dwelling or Apartment System

Here are some of our services in buildings across Melbourne:

Apartment Style Intercoms

Apartment-style intercoms enhance security and accessibility. They are typically installed at entrance points through the building, visitors can individually ring the apartment they wish to reach. When the visitor presses the door intercom, the resident can confirm identity through audio and video to grant them access. Apartment intercom technology varies, ranging from a basic audio intercoms to video intercoms with lift control access, granting access from the entrance to your front door.


These are television systems that are distributed to multiple apartments using antenna or satellite dishes. We also install underground cabling (Fibre or Coaxial Cable or Hybrid) for homes that don’t require satellite dishes or antennas. We have the resources and equipment to guarantee that your property has the best viewing experience, whether it is a new or old property.

Apartment Complex Security

Our security systems allow for protection against intrusion and unauthorised access. They include a combination of security devices such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, access control readers, and so much more depending on your individual needs.

Structured Cabling

Comms and data cabling to suit all applications. Whether you need fibre cabling for internet connection services or TV points for apartments, our structured cabling services take all variables into account. Such variables include the building architecture, power supplies, and the wiring layout from the electrician.

Apartment Building Access Control

Access control is a significant investment in multi-dwelling complexes. Here are three main points why access control is important for buildings:


Managing access to and within your facility is an essential element in a building. To do so, you need advanced access control systems that give seamless guest access while monitoring activity in common areas of the dwelling. We have multiple available systems that can do this with different levels of security.


Apartments are more vulnerable to security breaches since there are more individuals living and working there, as well as visitors, delivery persons, maintenance staff, and outside vendors. As such, you need a reliable round-the-clock access system that controls the main entrances to track and restrict access.


For complete peace of mind that your property and its occupants are always safeguarded, it would be preferable if you could see everything that was happening within the building. For that, CCTV cameras are the way to go. Of all security systems, it is the most desired by a wide margin. It keeps children, pets, and possessions safe.

CCTV Packages to Suit Every Requirement

Surveillance is one of the best security measures to employ in multi-unit dwellings today. For this, you need CCTV technology. We have numerous CCTV options to pick from depending on your needs and we can help design it based on your buildings requirements.

MATV, PAY TV, TELEPHONE, Data Cabling Solutions

Instead of using individual antennas for each TV, a Master Antenna Television (MATV) system sends TV and FM signals to a large number of receivers. We design and plan where and how the cabling is installed in new buildings.

We also install in old buildings and work to seamlessly fit out cabling solutions within the existing cabling. For all cabling needs whether Pay TV, Data, Telephone, or MATV, we can handle the design, installation, and accreditation process while collaborating closely with the builder and the prime electrical contractor.


We have a team of highly skilled specialists and system designers who can plan and build the ideal security solution for your apartment. We consider all the intricate details of each project carefully and then tailor our proposal to your needs, schedule, and budget. Our security solutions are intuitive, easy to use, very flexible, and extremely robust. This way, you get a tough, modern solution designed with you in mind. Lastly, with our wide variety of access control systems, CCTV systems, and cabling solutions, you have the freedom of choice.


How does an apartment intercom system work?
Intercoms, which are positioned at building entrances or front doors, have a speaker, a microphone, and camera (if requested) Before admission into a building, a visitor uses the intercom to call to the apartment who can then grant admission after confirming their identity.
Can Intercom call between apartments?

This depends entirely on the system selected, please advise our team if you wish to have intercommunication.

What classifies as a multi-unit dwelling?
Any building with more than one apartment will classify as a multi-unit dwelling! There is no building too big or too small for Advanced Living Solutions.