Music Systems

Music throughout the whole house

System that ties everyone’s music together

If you want a music system that covers your whole house and will play all of your music, no matter where it’s stored a Through Home music system is the best most advanced option available.

At Advanced Living Solutions our goal is to provide you with access to all your music when you want, anytime and anywhere within your home.

Music can be on your computer, on a network storage device or in the cloud! No matter where it is, the better the access that is provided, the better the streaming system is.

With many new innovative options available on the market we will ensure the system is simple to operate.

If you have a family of five and each member has their own music library, their own listening preferences and their own playlists, you need to be able to work with all of that. Let Advanced Living Solutions assist you in getting the very best from an integrated system that ties everyone’s music together.

The perfect Through Home Music System can eliminate hours of updating and gathering your individual playlists to work simultaneously throughout your home.

Advanced Technology to enhance your home with Advanced Living Solutions


The team at Advanced Living Solutions have taken our range of electronic home lifestyle products one step further than our competitors.