Having the ability to listen to your favourite music throughout your whole house has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. Having access to your favorite music or streaming service in any room, at any time, gives you that little extra luxury to enjoy no matter what you are doing.

And why not? You get to enjoy music while you cook, clean, take a shower, or even relax outdoor. Yes - even outdoors; it's a dream come true. Get a well-planned multi-room audio system today, and keep the music playing no matter where you are in your home.

The Best Music System for Home or Business

There are numerous options to consider when distributing audio around your home. At Advanced Living Solutions, we will help create a music system that will fit into your requirements, whether you are building a system from scratch or have components you would like to use, we can plan and harness those to give you exactly what you are after. We use a mixture of products in our designs from many of the worlds best manufacturers.

Let Us Build Your Perfect Sound System!

Now that you have your ticket to music in every corner of your home, why not put it to use? Let us provide you with your perfect sound system, tailored to your exact needs.

A good sound system can have you listening to your favorite music at the tap of an app while blended into the best audio system hardware. The list of multi-room speakers and systems on the market is truly endless. We regularly use high end brands such as Triad, Episode, Krix and Yamaha to name a few. Amplifiers such as the Yamaha MusicCast systems allow you to control each audio zone independently, playing audio from online services such as Spotify and Amazon Music and other Internet Radio apps via the yamaha MusicCast application.

You can listen to different music in different rooms depending on the number of zones in your system, whichever brand of AV equipment you have, contact us to see how we can integrate a system that can give you high-quality music all over your home.

Why Choose Our Music Systems?

Effortless Home Entertainment

A through-home music system is the simplest method to listen to music, podcasts, and other audio entertainment in more than one room at a time. You can enjoy further convenience by adjusting the volume and making music selections using your smartphone.


Each speaker system features best-in-class speaker technology, mixed with cutting-edge amplification and software in a meticulously built package from the inside out. Enjoy superb high-resolution sound that is distributed where the music is desired.

Wide Variety To Fit Different Budgets

We can design a music system to fit just about any budget. They range from simple 2-room one receiver systems to multi-zone audio setups for each and every room.


We will return after you are settled in to set up the audio system with you, and show you all the ins and outs and how to operate your new system.

Best Home Audio Systems for Improved Sound Quality

If you would like to turn listening to music into an amazing experience? Then look no further. Advanced Living Solutions brings you the ultimate audio experience. Contact us for the best home audio systems for improved sound quality.

As a top audio-visual design specialist, we can design an audio system that not only is easy to use, but also sounds amazing. Make music at home great again!


Which music system is best for home?
To set up a music system, you need speaker wiring throughout for speakers that produce the audio output, and a receiver that amplifies your audio for the speakers. With this, you then need an expert who can design, install, and commission the system to perform at its best.
How do I play music throughout my house?

By installing a multi-room audio system. Such a system has a receiver with different speaker outputs that let you play the same audio source in different rooms. They are usually controlled through an app on your smart device.

What do I need for a good music system?
Although there are countless possible music component combinations, these are the essentials: wired speakers and a reputable audio amplifier / receiver system.