The sole purpose of a security system to deter burglars and thieves from targeting your home/business and to protect your hard earned possessions. According to Budget Direct, at least 4.3% of the households have been broken into in Australia at least once in the past year. According to a Numbeo report, Melbourne is ranked tenth among all regions, with a crime index of 44.48.

Advanced Living Solutions understands the importance of your security, and it is for this reason that the Advanced Living team designs top-tier security systems for residential and commercial properties, using state-of-the-art security systems and technology. To learn more about us and talk to a security system expert, click below!

What Is A Security Alarm System?

A security alarm system is a way to keep your property safe using a network of interconnected components and devices. Basically, a home / premises security system is a network of connected electronic sensors that collaborate with a central control panel, which will alarm should a  potential intruder try to enter your premises.

A typical security system comprises a control panel, motion / reed sensors, sirens & strobes. The fundamental goal of all home security alarm systems is to safeguard the home's entry points to provide a security for the people living in the home, as well as protect your valued possessions.

Security Alarm Systems For Home

The most common home alarm systems are intrusion and smoke detectors. Read more about them below.

Intrusion Detectors

Advanced Living Solutions offers cutting-edge security systems that can deter burglars from entering your home using sensors and detectors. We also provide a complimentary professional security assessment of each home because we know every home has unique security needs and requirements. We can protect your home from intruders with motion detectors that will set the alarm off when they sense movement. These sensors are also provided in a Pet friendly version - meaning you may have your furry friends inside knowing your home is still secure without false alarms.

Reed Switches

Reed Switches are available for windows, doors or garage roller doors. These can be installed & set up so that the alarm can be armed during the night, so you can watch TV or sleep peacefully knowing your home is still secure while having the ability to walk freely around the home without setting of motion detectors.

Smoke Detectors

An Advanced Living Solutions security system can integrate with smoke detectors to provide your home and family with an additional layer of security. Our smoke detectors are operational around the clock to indicate readiness to assist you and your family in an emergency, whether or not your alarm system is activated. When set up back-to-base the smoke detectors will alert a monitoring centre that your smoke alarms have gone off, and send emergency alerts.

Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Businesses should always use security alarm systems to keep their business safe. This will not only protect their staff but it will also protect the goods inside their business, whether it is an office, retail store or warehouse. These systems will usually be integrated with smoke/fire detection and panic buttons (available in hand held or wall mounted)

It is very common to have commercial alarm systems set up to a back-to-base monitoring company. This means that when the alarm system is activated, the notification will be sent through to a 24-hour surveillance company who will have received instruction on what to do in the case of an activation. They will call nominated phone numbers, send a patrol guard, or call the police and inform them. These services are available with a small quarterly fee.

Why Install An Alarm System?

A security system gives you peace of mind and keeps your family, workers and your possessions safe. Its main objective is protecting your premises and those who live/work there from burglary & invasion.

Other reasons why you might want to install an alarm system include:

  • Save on homeowners insurance costs
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Allow remote monitoring on activity at the premises
  • Deter criminal activities

We Take Security Seriously!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, break-ins in Australia have decreased from 2.4% to 1.7%. A robust security system with a motion detector may increase your chances of deterring the intruder. Besides, a burglar alarm will alert nearby neighbours, increasing the likelihood that the criminal will be deterred or even better, caught and detained. If CCTV is installed to complement the alarm, it will go a long way in helping to identify the offender, so we do recommend having these systems working hand in hand.

Advanced Living Solutions only installs the top alarm brands available to give you peace of mind, whether you want a new alarm system or an upgrade to the one you already have. If you don’t have an alarm on your premises, give us a call today and we'll provide you with a free, accurate quote tailored to your requirements.


What is the most effective type of alarm system?
An alarm system with 3-5 motion sensors will always provide a great level of security, but reed switches on doors or windows can increase the security levels significantly. Remote control via an app is a key component to any alarm system, to give you access to system status, information, history & if the alarm is currently activated.
What is the average cost of an alarm system?
The cost of an alarm system of professional quality will vary depending on the size and construction of your home. Remember that the cost is heavily influenced by the alarm system you choose, its purpose (commercial or residential), the size, and whether you need any additional hardware. Contact one of our friendly staff to get an idea of the costs based upon your individual situation.
How does a home alarm system work?
When the system is activated through a motion sensor, or a reed switch magnet losing its connection, it notifies the alarm panel. The panel will then send signals to the sirens and if you have a IP module for mobile phone connection, it will send you a push notification advising, the alarm and what sensor has been triggered. The alarm will stay activated until the code is entered or you disarm using your smartphone or remote.
Can I install the alarm system myself?
Having an expert security professional install your alarm system is preferred, the technicians installing the alarms are licensed to do so with a certified security license. Due to the system being used as a safeguard to your home, it is best to have it done professionally for peace of mind that it will be installed correctly with a comprehensive system / installation warranty.
Will my alarm turn off if the power is disconnected?
Alarm systems are installed with a power plug to the wall, but they do come with a 12V back up battery installed inside the alarm panel, this will give up to 24-hours of battery backup life with no direct power going into the panel before they turn off, protecting you against intruders turning off your power.
What is a dual tech detector and do I need one?
Dual tech detectors measure passive infrared and microwave sensor, meaning the sensor will only go off if both are triggered. These are commonly used in garages as the garage door rattling can set off a standard motion sensor due to only measuring movement. These sensors work so well because factors like flowing air from a vent to a curtain and intense sunlight landing on the wall won't activate a dual tech. If you would like a sensor in the garage, we would recommend a dual tech.
I want to control my alarm from my phone, how can I?
Our alarm systems have an optional add-on which is called an IP Module. These are a small module installed in the alarm panel, connected to the internet which will send signals to an app on your smart device, coming up as a push notification. This acts as a remote control giving you the ability to arm / disarm from the app, see whether or not the alarm is armed or disarmed and give you access to the alarm event history log.