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Which Type Of Technology Is The Best For Home Automation?

Technology For Home Automation

Which type of technology is the best for home automation? What are the benefits of these best pieces of technology? The truth is there are several pieces of technology that are considered great choices for home automation, with each one offering an array of benefits. With that said, here is a list of the top tech for home automation, along with what their advantages are. Keep reading to learn more!

Light Fidelity 

Light fidelity, or Li-Fi for short, is widely used in home automation. It’s ideal for those who want to conservatively use energy with smart home technology within their homes and/or offices. Instead of using radio waves, Li-Fi uses ultraviolet waves, visible lights, and infrared. One of the best things about Li-Fi technology is that it’s far faster than WiFi, which means people’s devices are far more responsive when powered by Li-Fi than they would be if they were powered by WiFi. 

Another benefit of light fidelity is its efficiency. The way it transmits data from/to devices is through an LED light bulb. Besides that, Li-Fi offers excellent security, so there’s less of a chance of the network being compromised. 


Although Li-Fi is quickly becoming the top tech used in home automation, WiFi is still extremely popular and considered the best by many people. The majority of home automation products on the market are currently powered by WiFi networks that are already used in homes. The only downside to WiFi is that it can use a lot of energy on a network. This can result in devices going slow or not responding as fast as they could respond if they were running on Li-Fi.

The key benefit of using WiFi in home automation is that it is usually capable of keeping many devices connected. Not only that, but WiFi has been proven to be able to keep big devices connected, and this includes large appliances such as fridges and televisions. Let’s not forget to mention that WiFi networks usually can come with advanced features.

Technology For Home Automation


Many smart homes are now using Z-Wave technology which can be used to wirelessly control thermostats, appliances, door locks and even lights, to name a few. Z-Wave is considered to be the best tech in home automation for a number of reasons, with the main one being that it provides a reliable and secure method of communication. It also doesn’t consume too much energy, which means homeowners shouldn’t see big jumps in their energy bills. 

Another benefit of Z-Wave is that it’s easy to install. Additionally, it can be used for various devices. Above all else, it’s becoming more readily available as time goes by, which indicates that its popularity will continue to soar. 


Bluetooth has been around for a long time, but the technology has been increasingly making its way into home automation. The main reason why Bluetooth tech is being incorporated into home automation is because of how easy it is to use. Not only that, but the technology is readily available, and it can provide lightning speed connection. 

More and more people are finding that Bluetooth is great for home automation because it allows them to use the tech to control their IoT devices via an array of methods. This includes using their smartphones or voice commands. It’s expected that Bluetooth’s popularity will only continue to increase.  

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