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6 Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Affordable

Why Smart Homes Are Affordable

We are living in an era where smart devices are the order of the day. These devices are meant to make our lives easier and more efficient. But have you ever heard of smart homes?

A smart home is a residence that utilises internet-connected devices to allow remote management and monitoring of appliances and systems such as heating and lighting. These home automation devices can do more than twice what you would do manually The best part? Smart homes can be quite affordable, contrary to popular belief! Here are 6 reasons why smart homes can be affordable: 

1). Energy Efficiency

Smart home devices like thermostats tend to be very efficient because they can change their settings automatically to meet changing energy requirements. For example, if you switched on the HVAC system for cooling on a hot summer afternoon, as the day goes by, the thermostat can reduce the cooling needed to avoid wastage as the temperatures outside go down. 

Additionally, they can spot inefficiencies to reduce wasteful power, water, and gas usage. By fully automating your home, you can drastically minimise your energy consumption. Smart home technologies come equipped with lower energy requirements, such as energy-efficient appliances. Therefore, they lower the amount of power used within the home. 

2). Remote Access and Convenience

Smart homes allow you to use a single Smartphone app or button to control multiple systems or devices in your home. For instance, you can turn off lights and set back the thermostats simultaneously. In doing so, these digital devices help you do things faster and save a lot of power. 

The best part about smart homes is that they come with remote access. This means you can manage different systems, devices, and electronics across the house or the world. As such, automation makes it easy for you to turn off the lights, manage your electronic devices, and more while you are away from home. 

3). Better Functionality of Appliances 

Smart homes allow you to operate your appliances better and more easily. For example, a smart oven can perfectly cook your chicken without worrying about undercooking or overcooking. It knows just the right temperature and time to get your dinner ready.

This allows you more time on your hands to do other things. You can also use an app to select cycles you want on your washer and dryer which then programs the machine for the very best results.

Why Smart Homes Are Affordable

4). Notification about Maintenance

Did you know that some brands like Whirlpool, Thermador, Bosch, and others can connect to your appliances remotely and troubleshoot your appliance’s issues? This helps them determine whether you need a technician to come out to your home or if they can offer a quick fix you can do yourself. 

As long as you’ve got WiFi, this feature can help save you from expensive repairs or replacement costs. This is because we often realise that some home gadgets are not functioning until the last minute or until they’re broken down. Luckily, with this feature, you can say goodbye to such expenses and worries. 

5). Unmatched Security

A smart home system plays a huge role in preventing potential thefts and break-ins. With smart home systems, you can monitor windows, doors, and cameras to ensure no intruders are invading your privacy. You can protect your home with top-notch security to keep burglars and other dangers out. Security is a non-negotiable; if that doesn’t sound like something worth spending money on, we don’t know what will! 

6). Intelligent Automation

Forgot to turn off the tap? The system has got you! Want to program your shower so you can save on water? The system can handle that too! You can have sensors all over your home to detect when you’ve forgotten something or maxed out your limit to save on water and energy. The best part of all is that most of the devices and apps don’t require much money to install in your home!

Final Thoughts

Owning a smart home is an assurance of maximum comfort from remote control of temperature regulation and lighting. The best part is that these all come with reduced energy wastage and consumption. In this sense, smart home technology provides homeowners comfort, security, energy efficiency, and convenience!

To reap these benefits and more, Advanced Living Solutions is your one-stop shop for everything home automation. Please call us today at (03) 9212 7999 or leave an enquiry to learn more!